Learning and Development services


Learning and Development services

Richemele International Consultants provides learning and development consulting services to help organizations overcome common business challenges to meet their unique objectives.

We aim at bettering the performance of individuals and groups within the organization—by addressing gaps in skills, knowledge, and competencies; and, by building the strategic talent capabilities of the organization through a systematic focus on the competence required to meet business objectives.

Our expert consultants are backed by our award-winning blended learning solutions, which integrate versatile learning technologies and engaging content to give employees a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

Together, our offering can help organizations:

  • Build the framework to ensure successful and sustainable capability development
  • Build foundational knowledge and skills in safety, sustainability and operations
  • Promote continuous learning at all levels of the organization
  • Integrate development plans within the organization
  • Career management services
  • Training services for companies and capacity building for public and private sector
  • Mentorship of organization and individuals in subject matter areas
  • Executive coaching for founders and executive levels employees.